Alarming Facts about the Local Garage Door Industry


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The statistics below are based on a Google Search conducted in early March 2011. These numbers vary from week to week and month to month because bogus companies frequently change their names and contact information. This apparently they do to dodge unhappy customers. These companies frequently overcharge customers, perform and charge for unnecessary repairs, do shoddy work, and install used or cheap parts.

M ake sure you investigate the garage door company you are considering having fix or install a new door before making a commitment.

The Santa Clarita Valley has an approximate population of 200,000. Here are the Google search statistics for our valley conducted in early March. We recommend you do a similar search in your community:

  • There were more than 400 garage door companies listed for the Santa Clarita Valley.
  • More than 300 companies were listed with addresses in the Santa Clarita Valley.
  • 15 garage door companies were listed on Bouquet Canyon Road.
  • There were 6 different garage door companies listed at 24307 Magic Mountain Parkway.
  • 12 garage door companies were listed on Magic Mountain Parkway
  • 35 garage door companies were listed on Soledad Canyon Road.
  • 37 garage door companies were listed on The Old Road
  • 9 garage door companies were listed on Town Center Drive.
  • 31 garage door companies were listed on Lyons Avenue.
  • We were unable to find contractors licenses for 329 companies that were listed.
  • 10 licenses had expired, been suspended or were inactive.

Garage Door Companies Verified by Google

The following is a small sampling of garage door companies whose owner- verified listings were found on Google and Google maps along with their verified addresses.

Company name & address; along with actual occupant information

Santa Clarita Garage Doors and Gates Repair

26518 Bouquet Cyn. Rd.


24-Hour Garage Doors and Gates

26231 Bouquet Cyn. Rd.

Taco Bell

California Garage Door Services

27761 Bouquet Cyn. Rd.

7 Eleven

Express Garage Doors Company Valencia

27776 McBean Pkwy.


Garage Door Repair Service Santa Clarita

28102 Newhall Ranch Rd.


Canyon Road Garage Doors Expert Service

16526 Soledad Cyn. Rd.


Los Angeles Garage Doors Repair

24130 Valencia Blvd.

Whole Foods Market

Other addresses listed as garage door companies included an IN-N-OUT Burger, Boston Market, OSH, Subway, Starbucks, Stone Fire Grill, Johnny Rockets, BJ’s, Jack in the Box, several Mc Donald’s locations, Princess Cruises’ office building, Mimi’s Café, Olive Garden, Ralphs, Subway, Denny’s, Carl’s Jr., Food 4 less, Chi Chi’s, Salt Creek Grill and The Hyatt. In addition countless small businesses, professional office buildings (which when visited held no garage door company), UPS Stores and Mail Boxes Etc. were listed.

We recommend to all of our visitors to conduct your own investigation within your community. Santa Clarita Valley residents should also make their own appraisal because these companies frequently change their names, addresses and, even sometimes, their phone numbers. Therefore, these numbers won’t stay accurate for long. We believe these companies periodically make these changes to avoid customer complaints, but this is only our guess.

Yes, there are reputable garage door installation and repair companies in the Santa Clarita Valley and throughout the United States. Do a little due dilligence and you’ll greatly increase your chances of having a positive experience with the garage door company you choose.