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Company History


Mark Miller, Owner of Valencia Overhead Door

About Valencia Overhead Door

Mark Miller moved to Santa Clarita in 1988 immediately after graduating high school. During the early 1950s, Mark’s great grandfather purchased property and built a house in the Santa Clarita Valley. As a child, Mark often visited his great grandparents and great grandparents at this home, which they called “The Ranch.”

Santa Clarita was a sparsly populated town, Soledad Canyon was a two lane road then and The Ranch was just a left turn off Soledad Canyon onto a dirt path. “I can remember as a child the turn off Soledad. As soon as it turned into dirt, we were allowed to climb on my Grandpa’s lap and drive into the Ranch. I knew I wanted to live here”.

Servicing the Santa Clarita Valley Since 1993

I n 1988, Mark began working in the Garage door business. He spent 4 years as an apprentice working for a local garage door company. During this time, he received extensive training and knowledge in all aspects of the garage door business. In 1993, he established Valencia Overhead Door, and studied for and received his contractors license from the State of California. Today, Valencia Overhead Door is known for its extensive knowledge and ability in repairs, troubleshooting difficult installations, and both residential and commercial garage door sales and installations.

Since 1993, Valencia Overhead Door has installed over 4,000 garage doors and completed more than 8,000 repairs in Santa Clarita. Mark has a specialty license from the State of California for garage doors.

Dozens of garage door companies have come and gone since 1993. Valencia Overhead Door’s success has been built on service, our ability to solve problems others in the industry cannot or will not, and saving customers money.

Mark is married and has two children. Tina, his wife, graduated from Hart High School. His daughter attends Golden Valley High and his son attends La Mesa Jr High. Over the years, Mark has spent much of his free time as a volunteer teaching kids and adults Taekwondo. He has spent nearly 20 years in martial arts and today is a certified instructor and a fourth degree black belt.