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Our Pledge To You


Servicing the Santa Clarita Valley Since 1993

Our Pledge To Our Customers

  1. We will never sell you something you do not need
  2. We will only charge you for the work that we do
  3. We will never use used parts in a repair or new door installation
  4. We will always demonstrate that customer service and integrity is our priority, not how much money we can make
  5. We refuse to do work that would compromise our personal integrity or the integrity of my business
  6. W e will perform every job as if I was performing it on my own house. If it’s not good enough for my house then it isn’t good enough for my customer’s home. This includes everything right down to how we run the wires to the screws we put in
  7. We will give you a firm price quote on repairs and new installs before you agree to use our services and will always stick to that price
  8. I will never hire commission salespeople because they may try to sell customers things they don’t need
  9. We will always provide neutral unbiased information on the products we sell so you can make an informed decision
  10. I will always choose manufacturers that provide good products rather than basing my choice on potential profitablity
  11. We will test our work upon completion to ensure the product was installed properly
  12. We will answer all of your questions completely, patiently and responsibly
  13. We will always clean up when we are through with our work. This includes taking trash away and removing dust and dirt from the area
  14. I only hire employees who are legally in this country and cover all employees with workers’ compensation insurance
  15. We will show you a copy of our contractor’s license, and provide proof of workers’ comp insurance, if we will have an employee(s) working on your job
  16. We will provide you with a time window on all repairs. If we are late, we will discount our labor by $25. (However, don’t count on a discount as we are almost never late).
  17. We inspect all parts prior to installation and never will install a part we believe to be defective
  18. If we violate any points of our pledge on your repair or installtion, our labor is free