Choosing the Right Garage Door Springs


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Which Garage Door Springs Do You Need for Your Doors?

Most garage door spring manufacturers make springs for the common wire sizes in somewhat standard lengths. This allows garage door dealers to carry some standard springs and for repair companies to mix and match some of these springs to adjust for different door weights, which we do.

Most garage door repair companies probably use springs that calculate out to the normal 15,000 cycles. The industry standard, however, is around 10,000 cycles. Any spring over that may be termed high cycle.

T he cycle count of springs can vary from 10,000 to over 100,000 depending on the wire size and length. The calculations are too difficult and the combinations too great to allow custom springs to just sit on the truck.

Be cautious of any company claiming to use high-cycle springs. Ask for the wire size of the spring and the length they use. Get it in writing and verify the measurements.

You can ask the repairman to use his spring gauge and show you the measurements. We don’t carry high-cycle springs. In the rare case a customer requests them, I verify the door’s overall weight and ask if they are looking for 50k, 60k, or higher. I then give the information to my spring supplier who calculates the springs based on the door weight and the desired cycle count. They then make the springs for me.

Galvanized, Oil-Tempered or Powder-Coated Springs?

Which one you should choose is debatable. Based on my experience, spring manufacturers are providing a one year warranty on springs regardless of what they are made from. This should tell you something.

Galvanized springs keep my hands cleaner when I handle them and when I change them at your home. For me, they are a bit noisy as they chaff and seem to need more lubrication. It also appears they lose a little tension as they age.

The oil-tempered springs have stood the test of time. This is the type of spring they still use on heavy duty commercial doors and is my preference.