Garage Door Price vs. Value


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Purchasing a New Garage Door or Repairs: Is Price All That Matters?

When choosing a garage door company for a repair or new door, what you really want is VALUE. Consider each of the following when purchasing a new garage door.

An Installation Done Properly

Many door companies use inexperienced installers or are in such a rush to get to the next job that they carelessly perform their work. Other companies save money by installing used parts while never mentioning a word about this to the customer. In addition, the installer should haul away your old door and leave your garage and driveway spotless. Proper installation requires meticulous care, new hardware, respect for the homeowner’s property and integrity.

Careful Inspection of the Door

S ometimes manufacturer’s actually ship doors knowing they have defects and hide them from consumers. Manufacturers often cover scratches with touch-up paint and small holes with stickers. In other instances, doors may be damaged in shipment. Hiding such defects from you can result in frequent repairs and a shorter life expectancy for your door. Garage door installers should carefully inspect doors, always inform consumers of problems and demand from manufacturers that they replace damaged parts.

Telling the Customer the Actual Cost of Repair and Demonstrating Why the Repair Is Needed Prior to Beginning

Some garage door companies are notorious for overcharging and repairing parts that are in no need of repair.

Offering a Wide Variety of Manufacturers’ Products

Garage door companies can receive substantial kickbacks for selling quantity of a given manufacturer’s products. This increases their profitability. Of course, they will argue why the brand of door they’re pushing is better than that of their competitors. Select a garage door company that works with several manufacturers and demand an unbiased comparison.

Offering Long Warranties and Backing Them

Some garage door companies will state that they offer a lifetime warranty. This is a manufacturer’s warranty and does not cover the installation. You need an installation warranty, as well.

Many poor installations don’t show up as door problems for at least two years. Door companies that offer less than a three year warranty may provide shoddy work, knowing they’ll get away with it. Therefore, only go with a door company that offers at least a three year warranty. In addition, some garage door companies will look for a way to avoid warranty repairs and use convincing excuses to charge customers when they shouldn’t. Make sure the company you choose is reputable before you believe their warranty.

Go With a Company That Offers a Competitive Price and Can Prove It’s Reputable

Check that company’s Better Business Bureau rating on the internet at ““. If the company has complaints against it, take your business elsewhere.