Cost of Garage Door Openers


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Store Bought vs. Professional Install

When purchasing a new garage door opener, you have four choices.

  1. You can buy an opener from a home improvement store and have them install it,
  2. You can buy it at a store and hire a local garage door company to install it,
  3. You can buy it at the store and install it yourself, or
  4. You can purchase a professional-quality opener from a garage door dealer and have the dealer install it.

Store Bought/ Store Installed

Generally, the home improvement stores have a contract with a garage door company to do the installations for them. I have seen installation rates from $89 to $149. As far as I know, these stores do not send their employees. Instead, they use sub contractors. These companies usually change from year to year and could be almost anyone from anywhere. You will probably want to know what company it is so you can check them out.

I t is common for these installers to only install the garage door opener. They usually do not rebalance your door, if needed. These companies rarely will perform adjustments, even if they are minor. Also, you should consider that, if the home improvement store is charging you $100 to install the opener, the company doing the work is only compensated a portion of that and the installer receives even less. These companies are working on volume and cannot afford to take extra time on your job.

You will also want to be cautious about up sells. Oftentimes, these installers or technicians work on commissions. These installers usually will only use the material provided in the box to install your opener. The supporting material is light gauge and short in length. If your installation isn’t standard, you are likely to be charged more.

Finally, any issues with your machine are generally dealt with through a different company. If the product is defective, or if something goes wrong within the warranty period, you will have to contact the store you bought the machine from and deal with a warranty company.

Store Bought/ Professional Install

T his is probably a bit better depending on who you get to install the opener for you. Some garage door companies doing a professional installation will re-balance your door, if needed, and will make minor adjustments to make your door run smooth prior to the garage door installation. Professional installers will also have their own back hanging material that is much stronger and will carry any length needed. You will still want to be careful of up sells and should perform a background check on the company. It is important to note that even though this option gets your opener installed by a professional, the warranty for the actual garage door opener is through the store you purchased the machine. The only warranty the installation company can provide you is on the installation itself.

Professional Bought/ Professional Install

Although this is likely to be the most expensive way to have a garage door opener in your home, it is probably the best way. The cost difference is most likely to be less than $100 depending on the model you choose.

T here can be numerous advantages to having a unit purchased and installed professionally. Most companies will make any adjustments to your door to make sure it is working properly. They usually can be counted on to rebalance your door to make sure it is safe.

Garage door companies will also carry strong back-hanging material rather than the thin gauge straps provided in store- bought units. Professional installers are also more likely to take the time to make sure the opener is installed cleanly and will handle unforseen problems that may arise.

One of the greatest benefits is the handling of warranty issues. Most garage door companies will not only warranty the labor to install a new opener, but will warranty the actual machine. Should anything happen to the opener within the warranty period, the professional dealer will handle everything for you.

Average Garage Door Opener Cost

Drive Type & Estimated Installation Cost

½ hp Chain drive

$159.99 + $14.71 tax + $115 installation


½ hp Belt drive

$189.99 + $17.57 tax + $115 installation


½ hp Screw drive

$167.00 + $15.45 tax + $115 installation


The table above is the average cost of a store-bought garage door opener for each of the 3 styles. You will find higher and lower prices on each model depending on the options you choose. The openers used for this comparison were standard openers with two remote controls. The installation rate is an estimated average.

Most reputable professional dealers charge more than $115 to install an opener. To make a comparison, we recommend and install the model 3280 ½ hp belt drive opener.

Valencia Overhead Door is a professional company located in Santa Clarita, California. Valencia Overhead Door is a licensed company with the California State Licensing Board and has been in business exclusively in the SCV since 1993. You get all of the benefits of a professionally-installed machine by a local company. We have an A+ rating and a perfect no-complaint history with the Better Business Bureau.

The model 3280 is $400 installed. Compare this to the average 1/2hp belt drive and notice that the difference is less than $80. For just over $100 more, you go from the lowest model basic chain-drive opener with a three-piece rail installed to a high-quality belt drive. And you will be dealing with a local contractor, not a sub contractor who may actually live 60 miles away.