Cost of Garage Door Spring Replacements


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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Broken Garage Door Spring?

This has to be one of the most often asked questions we receive at the office. There are several ways repair people respond to this question. Too often companies provide vague answers. I have heard of companies say they will replace springs for as low as $49.00 plus parts. I have also have heard of people being charged more than $600.

If you don’t ask the right questions and are too focused on hearing a low price, you could wind up paying way too much.

Here at Valencia Overhead Door, we charge a flat rate of $225.00 to replace the springs on your sectional door. No hidden fees, no up charges, no service charges. That price covers most metal sectional doors. Carriage House doors, two inch steel back doors, and wooden sectional doors that require substantially bigger springs are slightly more.

To understand how some companies may take advantage of you and increase the repair bill, it is important to understand the spring components and how the springs work.

How Come Garage Door Spring Repairs Can Be Costly?

T he repair bill can get so high because most people just ask how much does it cost to change the spring? It happens over and over again. People call around and get a low phone price. It is usually vague in nature like a service charge plus parts. Doing the math in their head, it appears to be lower than other prices they have been quoted. When the repairman gets there and does the work, they often charge considerably more than they were quoted.

Sometimes the service charge is merely the charge to show up to your home. There is often times additional labor to do the work. The prices for the springs are generally vague and, of course, your springs are not standard, or your door is heavier than normal, or maybe you need special springs.

It isn’t uncommon for repairmen to tell you that you need some, if not all, of the parts; Visit the page “How Springs Work”. They can demand a lot of money for these extra parts and will often charge additional labor to install them, as well. 

Too many times I have seen “worn-out” parts replaced with used parts. Often, these parts are not actually worn and don’t need to be replaced. In fact, these parts need to replaced so infrequently, that I include it in every spring change I do free of charge… No charge for the part or labor. It just doesn’t happen that often.