Garage Door Repair Vs. Replacement


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Should You Repair Your Garage Door, Or Buy A New One?

Repairing your existinq door, rather than purchasing a new one, may save you hundreds of dollars. Although many garage door companies sell entry-level non-insulated doors for around $500 (and we do, too), if you want an insulated quality door that will last several years, it’s going to cost you at least a few hundred dollars more. So, with the economy the way it is and your probable desire to save money wherever you can, repair over purchase may be your best choice.

Simple repairs that only require adjustments may cost you less than $100. Typical repairs, such as replacing a spring, usually cost no more than $150. Of course, more involved repairs, such as replacing a door panel, costs more, but is far less expensive than purchasing a new door.

Be Careful Which Company You Choose

L ike a new door installation, the key is to find a reputable company that knows what they’re doing, will provide you a quality repair and charge you a fair price; See “The Best Way to Ensure You Choose the Right Garage Door Company“. If you review this website thoroughly and use our checklist when searching for a garage door company, you will undoubtedly be satisfied with your choice.

Type of repairs we provide include:

  • spring replacements
  • hardware replacements
  • automatic door opener repairs
  • remote controls
  • panel replacements (sectional doors)
  • cables
  • censor realignment

There are a number of factors besides saving money that go into the decision to repair or replace a door. It’s your choice. Either way, Valencia Overhead Door can help you. We believe we’re the best in the industry. Evaluate our competitors and us using this checklist and then decide if you agree.

You may be surprised what we can repair. Below are photos of a broken door we fixed. The top two show different angles of the broken section. The third photo was taken after the repair. This repair saved the homeowner several hundred dollars.