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Garage Door Sensor Repair Valencia Ca

Outstanding Garage Door Sensor Repair Valencia CA by Valencia Overhead Door

Homeowners and business owners throughout the Santa Clarita Valley have trusted the expert garage door sensor repair Valencia CA services provided by Valencia Overhead Door. We’ve been in business since 1993, and in that time we have helped thousands of customers with our comprehensive garage door services. If your garage door sensors aren’t working correctly, you may wonder if there is a company that offers garage door sensor repair Valencia CA near you. Garage doors can be difficult to repair, even for the do-it-yourselfer. You need an expert who can find the problem and fix it correctly. Our talented staff stands ready to help, and we’re only a phone call away. Call Valencia Overhead Door today by dialing (661) 255-6180.

garage door sensor repair Valencia CA

What Is a Garage Door Sensor and How Does It Work?

This is one of the most frequently-asked questions our garage door sensor repair Valencia CA technicians hear from our new customers. Garage door sensors are the small boxes you may find on either side of the garage door opening, just inside the garage itself. They may be mounted to the door tracks or on support brackets mounted to the interior walls of your garage door opening.

Garage door sensors are important safety features of modern door systems. They began to be required in the 1990s to help prevent injuries or damage from a garage door closing on a person, a vehicle, or another doorway obstruction. There are different technologies used in garage door sensors, but in simple terms, they serve as “eyes” to control the lifting and closing of the garage door. Each sensor is equipped with a photo “eye”. The two door sensors, one on each side of the garage door opening, must “see” each other to signal that it is safe to open or close the heavy garage door. The sensors may use an infrared beam or even a laser beam to communicate with each other. When everything is aligned and working correctly, the sensors send a signal to the garage door opener motor that it is safe to open or close the door.

Sometimes, an LED light is present on the side of each sensor. When the light glows green, the sensor is aligned correctly and can see the other sensor across the door opening. When the light blinks or turns red, there is an obstruction and the door cannot be opened or closed.

Garage door sensors are designed for many years of trouble-free use, but over time, they may become damaged. A misaligned door sensor won’t function correctly. Dirty lenses on the sensor “eyes” may also cause the system to malfunction. Accidents such as hitting the door sensors with a vehicle, a lawnmower, or yard equipment may also damage the electronic components inside the sensor. In each of these cases, your garage door will not operate in the way it is supposed to. If your garage door gets stuck and you don’t know where to turn to for help, call Valencia Overhead Door. We are regarded as the leading garage door sensor repair Valencia CA company for over 20 years.

Garage Door Sensor Replacement by Valencia Overhead Door

In addition to providing the very best in garage door sensor repair Valencia CA, Valencia Overhead Door is also proud to offer garage door sensor replacement services. Many door sensors can be repaired, but sometimes the age of the sensors or extensive damage means that replacement is required.  Our highly-qualified technicians have specialized training and can replace the door sensors. We stock many major brands of garage door sensors, and we even offer 24-hour emergency service.

Have an older home without garage door sensors?  We can help there, too.  Retrofitting modern door sensors on an older garage door opener system is possible in many cases. We can determine what parts you’ll need, whether or not your existing system is equipped to support sensors, and do the installation professionally. Our extensive knowledge and courteous, professional service has made us the industry leader in the Santa Clarita Valley region of California.

The Valencia Overhead Door Difference

When you choose Valencia Overhead Door for your garage door sensor repair Valencia CA, you’re getting over 20 years of experience. Company owner Mark Miller and our highly-trained staff have helped thousands of homeowners and business owners across the Santa Clarita Valley. We believe that our customers deserve professional work, competitive pricing, and a full range of garage door services.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations on every job we complete. Here are three reasons why so many property owners have relied on our company for expert garage door sensor repair Valencia CA:

Quality Service: Our technicians have specialized training and many years of experience in repairing or replacing the components of garage door systems. Since we first opened our doors in 1993, our company has maintained a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau — not a single complaint! We’re proud of that fact and strive to keep our perfect record going well into the future.

Competitive Pricing: Many garage door companies quote one price, then charge another. At Valencia Overhead Door, we will never do that to our customers. We provide a guaranteed maximum price in writing or by email for the job we will perform. If repair or replacement costs go over that guaranteed price, we eat the difference and do not pass on extra charges to our customers.

Our Warranty: Valencia Overhead Door is proud to be able to back our work with one of the best warranties in the garage door service industry. All of our work, with the exception of garage door rollers and sensors, comes with a one-year warranty. Portions of the garage door opening system are also covered by manufacturer warranties. If something goes wrong with our garage door repair or replacement within the first year after we complete the work, we’ll fix it for free.

Call Us Today To Get Started

For over 20 years, Valencia Overhead Door has provided the most trustworthy garage door sensor repair Valencia CA. We work hard to satisfy our customers. In addition to sensor repair and replacement, we also have a full range of other services, including installation, sales, and service of doors, door tracks, opener motors, and keypads. If you’re struggling with a faulty garage door and have wondered, “is there a company offering expert garage door sensor repair Valencia CA near me?”, Valencia Overhead Door is the leading choice. Call us today at (661) 255-6180 or contact us online to get started.