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Garage Door Track Repair Valencia Ca

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Professional Garage Door Track Repair Valencia CA by Valencia Overhead Door

Homeowners and business owners throughout the Santa Clarita Valley of California have trusted Valencia Overhead Door for our industry-leading garage door track repair Valencia CA services. We started our company in 1993. Over the past 20 years, we have assisted thousands of customers with professional sales, installation, and repair services. Our work is backed by one of the best warranties in the garage door business. If you own a home or business and are having trouble locating a professional garage door track repair Valencia CA company near you, welcome to our company’s website. Call Valencia Overhead Door today at (661) 255-6180 to get started on the very best in service and quality.

garage door track repair Valencia CA

How Do Garage Door Tracks Work?

At Valencia Overhead Door, we specialize in garage door track repair Valencia CA. Most garage doors operate by sliding up and down on door tracks mounted to the walls and ceiling near the garage door opening. These tracks are critical to the smooth operation of your garage door.  The door tracks are made of tough steel, and metal or hard plastic rollers are mounted to the sides of the garage door itself. Under normal operation, these garage door tracks will work for many years to come. When everything is working as it should, the door opens and closes smoothly.

The components of a garage door track system include:

  • Vertical track parts
  • Horizontal track parts
  • Curved track assemblies
  • Guide rollers
  • Track supports

You can see that these systems have many parts that must all work together to smoothly raise and lower the garage door.

Over time, garage door tracks can become worn or damaged. There are many reasons why the tracks no longer function as they should. Perhaps you bumped into the door tracks with your car as you drove into or out of your garage. Maybe the tracks became bent or distorted. Door track supports can come loose from the wall. Debris or corrosion can get inside the tracks, interfering with their performance. It is possible that the door rollers have worn out, too. In really bad situations, the garage door can come right off its tracks. If this happens, you need a garage door off track repair immediately. No matter the reason behind the problem, the highly-trained technicians at Valencia Overhead Door will diagnose what’s wrong and fix it right the first time. We pride ourselves in our ability to tackle difficult repair challenges, and we work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations on every job we complete.

My Garage Door Won’t Open or Close. Can You Help?

The simple answer is YES!  Valencia Overhead Door has helped thousands of customers since we first started our business in 1993. Company owner Mark Miller and our team of expert garage door technicians have the tools and the training needed to perform. The first step in garage door track repair Valencia CA is to figure out what is wrong with the system. Bent or damaged garage door tracks can cause the door to get stuck. The door may open or close part of the way and then jam where the tracks are bent. Dirty, worn, or rusted tracks can also cause serious problems. If you’ve found yourself wondering, “is there a garage door track repair Valencia CA expert near me?”, Valencia Overhead Door is your ideal solution.

Once our technicians discover the problem, we can get to work fixing it correctly. Worn or damaged rollers can be replaced, door tracks can be realigned or replaced, and preventative maintenance can keep those garage door tracks operating smoothly. We service all brands of garage doors and stock an impressive selection of repair parts so you don’t have to wait around for parts. It’s all part of our goal of giving our customers the best service at some of the best prices in the Santa Clarita Valley region of California.

Do You Do Garage Door Track Replacement?

In addition to our expert garage door track repair Valencia CA services, Valencia Overhead Door also performs many garage door track replacement jobs in and around the Santa Clarita Valley. If you have an older garage with a heavy lift-up door and want something easier to manage, we can help. Retrofitting older homes as well as new garage door track replacement services are something we are happy to provide to our customers. And, just like all of our work, we back garage door track replacement Valencia CA with one of the best warranties available in our industry.

What Makes Valencia Overhead Door Different Than Other Companies?

There are many reasons why homeowners and business owners in the Santa Clarita Valley have chosen our company for expert garage door track repair Valencia CA. Valencia Overhead Door set out to provide customers with great service, courteous technicians, and a full range of installation and repair choices. Since 1993, we have quickly become the leading choice for garage door services in our area.

Here are some of the ways Valencia Overhead Door stands out from the competition:

Our Credentials: We are licensed by the state of California and are fully insured. We are happy to provide a copy of our license and insurance information with customers upon request.

Our Quality: No one beats our expert service when it comes to garage doors. Our technicians have specialized training and the tools needed to complete jobs accurately and efficiently.

Our pricing: Before we start a job, we provide each customer with a guaranteed maximum price. That price is provided in writing or by email if you prefer. If the work goes over that price, we eat the difference. No more bait-and-switch as with other garage door repair contractors; we simply won’t do business in that way.

Our Warranty: Unlike many other companies in the Santa Clarita Valley, Valencia Overhead Door offers our customers a one-year warranty on all our repair and installation work. With the exception of rollers and sensors, if anything goes wrong with your garage door work in the first year, we’ll fix it at no charge to you.

Our Range of Services: Garage door track repair Valencia CA is only part of what we do. We offer many more repair, installation, and sales services to our many clients.

Call Valencia Overhead Door Today!

Homeowners and business owners rely on the smooth operation of their garage doors. If you are in need of quality, expert garage door track repair Valencia CA, our company is the leading choice in the Santa Clarita Valley region of California. Simply pick up the phone and call (661) 255-6180 today, or go online to contact us. Valencia Overhead Door is ready to help with the very best in service and in quality.