Are We Honest?

Servicing the Santa Clarita Valley Since 1993

How Valencia Overhead Door Demonstrates Honesty

  • We have a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau. 17 years in business and never a complaint made against us.
  • We always provide a complete list of customers so prospective customers can contact anyone on the list whom they know to verify the quality of our work.
  • We provide customers with a guaranteed price BEFORE we make the service call.
  • We provide a checklist of questions for prospective customers to ask to ensure they are dealing with reputable companies. Then we encourage customers to contact our competitors to determine for themselves how well we size up.
  • Our advertising is honest. The senior policy of our company is, “we always deliver what we promise.”
  • Our contractor’s license number is 714194. We are also bonded. Search the California Contractors State Licensing Board to view our good standing.
  • We always return defective parts to the customer.
  • When installing new doors, we show the customer the packing of the parts so they can see they are new and are from the same manufacturer as the door.
  • Payment is not required until we complete the job.
  • We always inspect doors prior to installation. Any damage or defects we find we take care of with the manufacturer.
  • We choose manufacturers that provide the best products rather than basing our choice on potential profitability.
  • We thoroughly test all work upon completion.
  • We always provide a complete explanation of the installation or repair process.
  • We answer all questions completely, patiently and responsibly.
  • We always clean up after installations. We remove trash, dust and dirt from the area, as well as our customer’s old garage door and parts.
  • We always provide complete weather-stripping on new door installations.
  • We only use experienced well-trained installers and repair persons, never use illegal immigrants, and maintain proper insurance.